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Immigration Dictionary

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    BP :
    Customs and border Protection
  • C
    BP :
    Customer and Board Protection
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    CA :
    Child Citizenship Act of 2000
  • C
    DC :
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [ more ]
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    ertificate of Citizenship :
    Identity document proving U.S. citizenship.
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    itizenship Exam:
    A citizenship exam is given to each individual that is petitioning for and has gone through the process of citizenship in a given country. There are usually a variety of multiple choice questions that test the knowledge of the individual on the history, government, and principles of the country for which individuals intend to be citizens for. Individuals who intend to be a citizen go through an extensive process that does a thorough investigation of an individuals' background and character. Usually a citizenship exam is the final step in the process and can be given through a citizenship interview, where information on the individual's local government and residency may be tested as well. Studying and preparing for a citizenship exam can be of great help. [ more ]
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    itizenship Requirements:
    There are various citizenship requirements for each country in the world, but all are established and must be followed if an individual hopes to become a full fledged citizen of that country. Each country has stipulations, processes, and applications that must be filled out in order to become a citizen of that given country. Most citizenship requirements include a good standing within the country that is free of crime or any other legal issues, a proven good moral character, an ability to understand the official language of the country, and an ability to pass a citizenship exam. Some countries have more stringent requirements for citizenship, but ultimately there will be a full review of the individual's background and time spent in the country for which they hope to become a citizen. [ more ]
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    LINIC :
    Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.
  • C
    RS :
    Congressional Research Service
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    SPA :
    Child Status Protection Act
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