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    -1 Visa:
    The Q-1 visa was designed for those aliens who will be visiting the United States in order to take part in an international cultural exchange program that has the approval of the Attorney General. The exchange program must take place with the intention of the alien visitor giving some sort of practical training and employment to others, along with discussing the traditions, history, and culture of his or her own home country. More than one person can be included on a Q-1 visa, which allows a group who will be in the same exchange program to enter the country together on one petition. This petition must have the type of information and document requirements that the I-129 Q-1visa petition asks for. Any company who wants to send an employee for inclusion into an international cultural exchange will choose the Q-1 visa as the ideal choice. [ more ]
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    -2 Visa:
    The nonimmigrant Q-2 visa is best known as the Irish Peace Process Cultural and Training Program Act, and those who are granted the Q-2 are participants in this program. This visa is for up to 4000 males and females from ages 18 to 35, who can prove that they live in either Northern Ireland or selected locations in the Republic of Ireland. These people will be sponsored in the United States for a 36- month period of training and employment while they also share their country's history and culture with others. There are companies who want to hire men and women from Ireland to work in sales, tourism, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, engineering, marketing, and other designated areas. Once they have received the proper training, they are given a job with the same pay as that of a domestic worker. [ more ]
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    -3 Visa:
    A Q-3 nonimmigrant visa is for the spouses and those children under the age of 21who want to either visit the principal Q-1 or Q-2 visa holder in the United States, or want to come to the United States along with the principal visa holder in order to make their home here temporarily. It is not at all difficult to apply for a Q-3 visa. In fact, the proper paperwork is available to be filled in by the applicant and submitted online. The basic documents that are required, such as a passport and paperwork concerning your income, job, education, and any property you may own, must be presented in person. These visas are commonly issued to students as well. The Exchange visitor program that goes along with the Q-3 visa is and will continue to be a huge success. [ more ]
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