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Immigration Dictionary

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    -1 Visa:
    The M-1 visa is a nonimmigrant student visa which gives student from other parts of the world the capability to pursue vocational or non-academic studies to enter into the United States. This excludes language training study. In order to qualify for the M-1 status a student must prove their intent to temporarily enter the United States. In addition, said student must enroll in a full course of study and attend an approved vocational program. M-1 visa status allows a student to transfer from one approved school to another, legally work part-time on-campus or legally work off the campus as long as the employment is related in some way to students field of study. The M-1 also allows a student to travel in and out of the United States, and apply for an M-2 visa for a dependant to travel with said student to the United States. [ more ]
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    -2 Visa:
    The M-2 visa is a nonimmigrant visa that allows a dependant spouse and or child of an M-1 visa holder to legally enter into the United States. In order to be approved for an M-2 visa the spouse or child must prove their intentions for entering the country on a temporary basis, and prove that they are in fact the spouse or child of the M-1 visa holder. In order for the child of the M-1 holder to qualify for an M-2 visa they must be under 21 years of age. An M-2 visa holder who is a child may study in an elementary or secondary school fulltime or study in a recreational or vocational school. The holder of an M-2 visa may travel both into and out of the United States. However, an M-2 visa holder may not apply for admission into a university whether they are a spouse or a child, and they are not permitted to accept any form of employment. [ more ]
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    igrant :
    A person who leaves his/her country of origin to seek residence in another country. [ more ]
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