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Immigration Dictionary

  • O
    -1 Visa:
    An O-1 visa is generally available to people from other countries that have extraordinary ability, though many aliens know an O-1 visa as a type of employment visa. This is because they have an O-1 visa in order to work in the United States using an ability they possess in great measure. Many workers in the fields of business and education, arts and athletics, or sciences possess an O-1 visa because of their profession. The United States immigration laws tell us that any person who is not a citizen of the USA is allowed to enter the country once they have obtained the proper visa for the length of time they plan to stay. An O-1 visa is usually good for three years, and then it can be extended each year thereafter. Spouses and dependants of the worker with the O-1 visa will receive an O-3 visa. [ more ]
  • O
    -2 Visa:
    The nonimmigrant O-2 visa is for people who are considered the "essential support personnel" for those who possess an O-1 visa. For example, someone with an O-2 visa could well be the personal trainer of an athlete, or the manager of a rock music star. One of the requirements for the O-2 visa is that the applicant must prove to be an integral part of the actual performance of the O-1visa owner's principal ability. The applicant for an O-2 visa must have the type of skills that do not transfer well, nor do other individuals possess these skills. The O-2 visa allows its holder to travel in and out of the USA at will. The O-2 visa holder is generally the one who will apply for the O-3 visas for any family members of the 0-1 visa holder. [ more ]
  • O
    -3 Visa:
    According to the United States Immigration specialists, those who receive an O-3 visa will always be the unmarried children and the spouses of those people who have previously been granted either an O-1 or O-2 visa. These O-3 visas are necessary when those who hold O-1 and O-2 visa have immediate family members who want to visit them while they are in the USA. O-3 visas can also be used when these immediate family members arrive in the United States along with the O-1 or O-2 visa holders, and will be living with them in this country. Many times, those people who are studying in the United States either full time or part time are eligible for an O-3 visa. Those who will exit and reenter the USA frequently because of short business trips will usually possess an O-3 visa. [ more ]
  • O
    ccupation :
    For an alien entering the United States or adjusting without a labor certification, occupation refers to the employment held in the country of last legal residence or in the United States. [ more ]
  • O
    PT :
    Optional practical training
  • O
    rphan :
    The Immigration and Nationality Act provides a definition of an orphan for the purposes of immigration to the United States. [ more ]
  • O
    ut of Wedlock (born out of wedlock) :
    A child born of parents who were not legally married to each other at that time. [ more ]
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