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  • J
    1 Visa:
    A J1 visa is issued for an Exchange Visitor who is participating in an established J Exchange program that is approved by the State Department. Exchange Visitors under J1 visas include secondary school and college students, business trainees, primary and secondary school teachers, college professors, research scholars, medical interns or residents receiving necessary training within the United States, international or government visitors, or certain specialists. This is a very specific type of visa that requires pre-approval and has a specific duration attached to it. [ more ]
  • J
    -1 Visa:
    J-1 is s term referring to a specific type of visa. This is a nonimmigrant visa. It is specifically for exchange visitors. This describes a class of individuals who are visiting the United States to study, work or train as part of an exchange program. You may be a student, a scholar, a trainee, medical graduate, research assistant or professor. The program must have received official recognition by the United States Information Center or the United States Department of State. A J-1 Visa is based on the notion of promoting educational and cultural exchanges between the United States and other countries. The process is a relatively simple one to navigate but requires proof of economic stability. Under a J-1 visa, you may bring along your spouse and children (J-2), work legally in the United States and either remain within the country or travel in and out for the duration of the exchange visitor program. [ more ]
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    -2 Visa:
    A J-2 Visa is similar to a J-1 Visa. Both are nonimmigrant visas granted to visitors coming into the United States. However, while a J-1 Visa applies to the exchange student in the officially recognized program, the J-2 Visa is for the immediate family members of the holder of a J-1 Visa. The term "immediate family members" refers to the spouse and any unmarried children. In order for the immediate family to be granted a J-2 Visa, the holder of a J-1 Visa must provide proof of the ability to support the family members financially. The J-2 Visa applicants must provide proof of their relationship to the J-1 Visa holder. This will include birth and marriage certificates. The holder of the J-1 Visa will also need to ensure the exchange program officials provide the J-2 Visa applicants with a SEVIS Form DS-2019. [ more ]
  • J
    Form JS-44 is an official piece of paper used in the legal system. It is formally known as a Civil Cover Sheet. Form JS-44 contains the bare essentials of each case intended to come before the judicial system. It must be filled in and filed with the Clerk of the Court. He or she must have it in order to initiate the civil docket list. For every civil complaint filed, there is a Civil Cover Sheet or JS-44. The sections applicable for immigration matters or cases are indicated in several sections of this "summary." If Diversity of Citizenship is marked in Section II, Box 3 or 6 are applicable. It then follows that the Nature of the Suit (Section IV), requires attention. This means, in particular, numbers 462, 463 and 465. Which boxes are ticked of depends upon the nature of the action. [ more ]
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