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    -3 Visa:
    The G-3 Visa is the necessary legal documentation for entering the country for those who are representatives of an unrecognized foreign government. The use of this particular type of visa is specific to those who are entering to work for the United Nations Organization or another type of international mission. This type of visa is acceptable for both the principal individual as well as the staff of that individual, as well as other immediate family members (though each needs to obtain their own G-3 Visa to qualify.) In obtaining this particular type of visa, individuals will be required to utilize it for the direct reasons specified, to do work specifically related to the approved organization they are working with. [ more ]
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    The G-325 form is used within United States immigration law. This form provides questions and information specific to gathering biographic information on an individual. The information obtained through this form will then be used in conjunction with other immigration applications or immigration petitions during the application process. Non United States citizens complete it. The information contained within this part of the immigration application will be in use alongside other information to determine an individual's ability to immigrate to the United States. This information is shared with other organizations as necessary. The application is necessary to fill out in its completeness or your immigration application will be automatically denied. More so, any documentation that is not authentic and verified will cause this application to be denied. [ more ]
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    -4 Visa:
    The G-4 Visa is a type of non-immigrant visa for the United States. This particular type allows for foreign officers or employees that are from international organizations of any rank to be allowed within the country. The reason for entering the country must be to engage in business activities. Applications for this type of visa for use with personal business or pleasure travel will be denied. In addition to this, the staff and the immediate family members of those using a G-4 Visa may also qualify to obtain the G-4 Visa. There are limitations on this particular type of visa. You must only perform those duties that are specifically related to the international organization or other qualified duties. [ more ]
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    -5 Visa:
    The G-5 Visa is one of the main forms of immigration documentation required by the government for specific individuals to enter into the country. This particular form of visa application is ideal for those who are the attendants of anyone carrying a G 1, G 2, G 3, or a G 4 visa holder. It is also acceptable for individuals who are the personal employees of those who hold those types of visas to obtain the G-5 visa if they are employed in the domestic capacity and are paid by the principal visa holder. Those who are the immediate family members of a person carrying a G-5 Visa may also obtain this form of visa application to gain entry into the United States. [ more ]
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    The G-639 form is a particular type of immigration form used for those attempting to enter into the United States. The purpose of this form is to request access to the information that is otherwise covered under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts. This form, which falls under the Department of Homeland Security, allows for individuals to consent to provide the necessary information to be considered for admittance into the United States. Any nonpublic information that is needed about an individual must be obtained through the written consent of that person. This consent is legally obtainable when the individual fills out the G-639 form. In addition, the appropriate identification is necessary to verify this information. [ more ]
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    The United States Department of Immigration requires the form G-731 to be filled out when there is an inquiry as to the status of an I-551 form, also known as the Alien Registration Card. This form is used to determine the status of an application previously made for an individual to gain entrance into the United States as an alien citizen. This particular form is necessary for those who have adjusted their status on a previous form. The I-551 form is one that is completed and submitted to the department as a request to gain permanent registration within the United States. The form must be completely filled out and submitted with proper identification in order for the individual to gain an update on the status of their application. [ more ]
  • G
    The G-845 Immigration form is a verification request. This particular type of form is used by non United States citizens for the official status verification of any of the documents specifically used by a government agency that is not participating in the SAVE program. In addition to completing this form in depth, the individual must also make copies and submit them of the applicant's original documentation submitted. Together, this information must be submitted with the G 845 form. This form provides the necessary information and identification to the government so that the government and then release the necessary information regarding the status of previously filed applications. If the original documentation is not submitted with the G-845 form, it will be returned. [ more ]
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    The G-845S form is a United States Immigration form. It is used in conjunction with other applications for immigration to the United States. This particular form is a verification request. It is completed by non United States citizens for official status verification. It allows an individual to request the status of their documents. It is used by those who have submitted documents for a government agency that is participating in the SAVE program. When filling out the G-845S form, individuals must also attach copies of their original documentation to include along with the application. Without these original documents, the verification request will be sent back, unanswered. This particular verification request is not an official application itself. [ more ]
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    The G-942 is a form used by the United States immigration services. The United States Department of Homeland Security requires this application. It is for applications required for those who wish to obtain employment with either USCIS or ICE. This particular form is used not for immigration specifically. By filling out the form, the Department of Homeland Security will ensure that the individual is in compliance with Federal laws and regulations. These federal laws require that employers provide equal opportunity in the recruitment of applications for these federal employment positions. Individuals will need to fill out this form at the time of their application to ensure that they are in compliance with such laws. [ more ]
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    MC :
    Good moral character
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    reen Card:
    A Green Card is an immigrant visa which allows the individual to become a legal resident of the United States. This document entitles the individual to enjoy the privileges that all residents enjoy, such as to work legally in the country, travel in and out of the country, bring in a spouse and children, and ultimately gain citizenship. This Alien Registration Card is issued to all immigrants upon entry to the United States on a non-temporary visa, after a lengthy application process. Individuals must be fingerprinted and registered with the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Essentially a Green Card gives an individual official immigration status in the United States and provides lawful permanent residence. [ more ]
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