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    An H1B is a type of visa that pertains to non-immigrant status. Under the Immigration & Nationality Act, this type of visa allows employers in the United States to issue these visas on a temporary basis to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations. The employer therefore applies for and ultimately holds the H1B visa for the employee and if the work is cut short or ends for some reason, then the individual needs to apply for a change of status, look for sponsorship through another employer, or be forced to leave the United States if neither option is viable. There are special rules about what makes a "specialty occupation" and the employer must properly and sufficiently fill out all the paperwork to gain an H1B visa for an employee. [ more ]
  • H
    -1B Beneficiary:
    The H-1B Beneficiary form is required by the United States immigration department. It allows for a United States company to employ a foreign individual. That person may be employed as such for up to six year. This is a non-immigrant type visa, which is being applied for. This form of visa is a faster option over a traditional United States Green Card. Most will first obtain this short-term solution and then apply for a Green Card if they plan to remain in the United States longer. The employer must petition for the entry of the employee into the country. The individual him or herself is unable to apply for the H-1B Beneficiary themselves. There are specific limits in place nationally on how many people may be admitted to the country in this regard. [ more ]
  • H
    -1B Specialty Occupation:
    The H-1B Specialty Occupation form of a visa is designed for those who are considered specialty occupation individuals or fashion models. As an H type of visa, the application must be submitted on the basis of the employer. A United States employer may petition for an individual to obtain this type of visa to allow that person to work within the United States for a period of up to six year. The individual may then work within the United States. Many employers use this form of visa rather than applying for a United States Green Card because the process is faster. It is possible to later upgrade your national standing to that of a Green Card citizen. [ more ]
  • H
    1B Sponsor:
    An H1B sponsor is an essential part of the visa process as it must come from an eligible employer. To gain an H1B visa an individual must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree and must possess the skills of the specialty occupation that a US employer is looking to fill. An H1B sponsor therefore is an employer based in the United States that is looking to bring on a foreign worker to fill such a position. As a sponsor they will be responsible for holding the individual's visa status and this will take place as long as the individual is an employee of theirs or as long as the visa is valid. For an individual to gain H1B visa status, they must have a sponsor in the form of a US employer who has a job opening to match the individual's skills and background. [ more ]
  • H
    -1C Visa:
    The H-1C Visa is one that is obtained for a non United States citizen who would like to work within the United States. This particular type of visa is used for nurses who wish to work within the United States professional health care system where there is a shortage of workers. Each year, the immigration department will issue only 500 H-1C Visas. The visa allows the individual to work within the country for a period of up to three years. This type of visa is unable to be extended. To quality, the nurse must be legally licensed or have a nursing degree within the United States and pass the necessary NCLEX RN examination. In some cases, it is difficult to obtain this type of visa, and therefore those who wish to gain entrance faster may wish to apply for a Green Card. [ more ]
  • H
    -2A Visa:
    The H-2A Visa is a temporary or seasonal nature visa. This means that the individual who is applying for the visa will work in some type of employment that is performed at a specific time of the year. For example, this may include those who are working in harvesting or those who are working in production. It may also be used for a limited amount of time when an employer can show that the foreign employee is necessary and that their position is temporarily needed only. In this former situation, the visa is limited to a position that will be limited to a period of less than a year. Those who gain the H-2A Visa will be able to work within the United States temporarily and enjoy the benefits of a regular employee. [ more ]
  • H
    2B Visa:
    An H2B visa is a type of visa that allows foreign workers to come into the United States for work that is temporary in nature. To gain H2B visa status it must be shown that the job is either based on a recurring seasonal requirement, is an intermittent need, is based on a one time occurrence, or is in response to a peak load need. The employer must show proof that there are no unemployed US workers who are eligible and willing to do the work in place of bringing in a foreign worker. The process by which a company may grant an H2B visa includes the necessity of proof or recruitment, as well as the demonstration of no available US candidates. [ more ]
  • H
    -2B Visa:
    The H-2B Visa is a specific type of United States visa that is ideal for those who are foreign athletes, artists, trainers or those in similar jobs that wish to work in the United States through a United States employer. This type of visa may also be applicable for skilled workers in the areas of crafts or trades, who are able to perform specific tasks in which there are no United States workers who may perform them. It may also be used for those who are filling temporary positions in which there are no United States workers available to complete the job. Individuals must apply for this limited time visa in order to obtain legal permission to be employed in the United States. [ more ]
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    -3 Visa:
    The H-3 Visa is a specific type of visa that is used by foreign nationals who wish to receive training in the United States, when that training is not available within their own country. This type of visa offers a limited time in which the individual may enter the country to obtain the necessary training. It may also be used by foreign nationals as special exchange visitors, in order for them to receive training in educating children who have emotional disabilities, physical disabilities or mental disabilities. In addition, companies that are considered multinational, in which they operate in more than one country, may use the H-3 Visa to send employees in other countries to the United States for on the job training. [ more ]
  • H
    -4 Visa:
    The H-4 Visa is a specific type of United States visa, which grants permission for an individual to enter the United States. This particular visa is designed to provide admittance of individuals into the United States who are the children or the spouse of an individual who has obtained an H 1, H 2 or H 3 type of visa. In these types of visas, individuals are granted permission to work within the United States, assuming they meet specific criteria (such as filling a job or position in the United States where there are no United States workers to fill.) This type of visit may work to both allow the spouse or children to accompany the principal holder or those who wish to visit the principal visa holder. [ more ]
  • H
    The Ha-501 is a form that is filed out by an applicant of the United States immigration department. This particular form is designed to provide information to the government about an individual's request for a hearing by administrative law judge. This request for a hearing is a right that individuals have. It is a form that is completed after a decision has been made regarding the issuance of a Social Security number to a citizen of the United States. If the individual has been denied this application, this formal hearing may be set up to determine the problem or to further express concern. The form must be filled out properly and complete to be usable to the government. [ more ]
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    aitian Entrant:
    Those who are considered Haitian Entrants are those who are coming from Haiti (or Cuba) who have received a special status. Not all people will be given this specialized status who come from either of these countries. In order to be a Haitian Entrant, individuals must fit one of several requirements, such as being a refugee or a lawful, permanent resident, LPR of the United States. These are individuals who have been paroled, subject to exclusion or removal proceedings, and have an application for asylum pending will be labeled as such. Those who hold the Haitian Entrant status may be eligible for federally funded health care and other supplemental funding. They may also be eligible for the Refugee Assistance Program. [ more ]
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