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Summary Divorce

Introduction of Summary Divorce

There are two ways of getting a divorce in California. The usual way is called a Regular Dissolution. A shorter and easier way is called Summary divorce. With this procedure you won't have to appear in court, and you may not need a lawyer, but it is not applied to every case.
If you wish to use the Summary Divorce procedure, you and your spouse must file a Joint Petition for Summary Dissolution together with the Court, and you must meet to the following conditions which are including but not limited to:
(a) You have been married no longer than five years;
(b) There are no minor children who were born of your relationship before or during your marriage or adopted by both of you during your marriage, and the wife is not pregnant;
(c) Neither you nor your spouse has an interest in any real property anywhere;
(d) Your community property is not worth more than $33,000;
(e) Neither you nor your spouse has separate property worth more than $33,000;
(f) Your community obligations are less than $5,000;
(g) You have not disagreements about how to divide your community property and debts;
(h) Both you and your spouse forever give up any right to spousal support from the other; and so on.

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