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B-2 Tourism Visitors

A B-2 visa actually covers tourists, visits to relatives or friends, visits for health reasons, participation in conferences, participation in incidental or short courses of study and participation in amateur arts and entertainment events.

The process for obtaining the B-2 visa can be quite simple or very difficult depending on the national origin of the applicant, the age and marital status of the applicant, and the applicant's ties to the US and his/her home country.

1. Usually six months once one get the visa and enter US;
2. Application is made at a US consulate and no USCIS approval is necessary;
3. The applicant's spouse and children must independently qualify for the B-2;
4. An individual must show nonimmigrant intent (financial arrangements for the trip, specificity of trip plans, ties to the alien's home country and ties to the US).

1. Trips that are made to the United States in this category cannot involve employment or, with a few exceptions, academic study programs. However, an individual can use the B-2 visa to visit prospective academic institutions, prior to undertaking a program of study.
2. B-2 holders should return to their home country or apply for a visa extension before their I-94 card expires. Failure to extend the visa or return home can result in the current visa being revoked and future visa applications being denied.

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